Geometry Dash – New Version 2.2 Releases next month

geometry dash is a game that is loved by everyone on this planet. This game is so interesting that once you start the game you will surely play for 1 hour and it will feel like it’s only 5 minutes. Have you played this game? if not then just visit its’s official site and start playing now.

There are many level s that can be played within the game. The latest buzz about the game is that the new version is going to be released soon and it will be packed with many new features.

If you want to play the new feature game that is geometry dash 2.2 then you should first learn to play the basics of the game. So i would suggest you to play geometry dash sub zero and meltdown for now.

What if i told you that there are scientific benefits of playing geometry dash then would you believe me?. well playing geometry dash helps you reduce anxiety, stress and helps you get out of depression.

Whatever i say some people would not consider it as the truth so the best option is to one the official site and play the game yourself. Once you start playing to game you will know its quality and the unlimited fun it promises.

Geometry dash can be played online and you can also download it’s Android app or iOS app for your device. If you are a busy person then you just have to download the game and play on the go.

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