Best Android Apps that you must Have when you are travelling

Technology can make your experience of traveling even better if you are a traveler there are certain apps which you must have on your smartphone to stay entertained and ensure your safety while you are fulfilling your wanderlust. In this article, we are about to list the apps you must have installed on your android phone before you start your next trip.

Top 5 Android apps for travelers

  1. Spotify: Music is something any music lover won’t be able to live without, and Spotify is an app through which you can listen to any song you can think of with a high-quality audio output, and all for free. So, we recommend any music lover to have this app installed on their android phone.
  2. Terrarium Tv: Terrarium Tv is an app that was founded in 2017 but the reach has been spreading like wildfire. Terrarium Tv is an app that lets you watch unlimited movies and tv shows online for free without any subscription charges like Netflix You can download Terrarium Tv from its official website.
  3. Cartoon HD: If you are particularly an Anime Fan, you must be constantly in search of a new app that can stream all the cartoon movies and shows for free. Cartoon HD is exactly that app, you can stream unlimited animated movies for free.
  4. Google Maps: Google maps is a revolutionary app that changed the mindset of people, and made the work of navigating anywhere in the world easy. Using Google maps You can find the shortest root also considering the road traffic to any destination you want. You can never get lost if you have Google Maps with you, and so this is one of the most important apps to have.
  5. Inshorts: In shorts is an app which shows you all the news in your city and your country in just 60 words, They just explain all the headlines and if you want you can read the complete story too. Through this, you will be updated with all the important news that is happening in the city you are living in.
  6. Tinder: Are you a extrovert and love to find new friends and chill with them in your free time? Then Tinder is an app that you must have installed on your smartphone. Tinder is a dating app through which you can meet new friends of your preferred gender and have a happy date with them if both of you agree too. Tinder sometimes have helped people find their life partner too.


Hope you loved knowing the apps that you must be having on your phone before your next trip, make a checklist of them and don’t forget to install them on your phone. And If you liked our list share it with your friends and keep visiting Optamotive to get the latest tips and tricks for the travelers.

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